Industrial Floor Design

We design industrial floors, calculating every detail to meet the client’s requirements.

From the very earliest stages, out team works closely with clients and contractors to create engineered, cost-effective industrial floor designs.

Industrial Floor Design - What we do

  • Interpret client requirements
  • Undertake static calculations
  • Specify products and materials
  • Design the concrete mix
  • Create detailed industrial flooring designs
  • Provide evidence to support your professional indemnity

For clients, we interpret requirements and create industrial flooring designs and options. Then we undertake static calculations, followed by detailed designs, so you have the assurance that the industrial floor will be perfectly specified for your needs.

For contractors,
we enhance your expertise by helping you deliver complex solutions for clients; and we provide the calculations to prove the design will work.

We have developed our own design software, FloorMaster® - cleverly created to undertake flooring calculations according to various international standards (including TR34 4th edition, DTU 13.3 , ACI and EN standards).  The programme simulates various loading conditions and calculate many possible combinations, giving clients and contractors the assurance that the finished industrial floor will perform.

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