Construction Support

We help contractors deliver high-performance industrial floors for clients.


Once the designs for an industrial floor are approved, our experienced project managers work alongside the construction team throughout the process to create the floor. 

Construction Support - What we do

  • Attend pre-contract site meetings
  • Review materials
  • Train and support the flooring contractor’s team on site
  • Ensure quality management

We attend site meetings, so we can understand practical implementation issues, and give our advice. 

We undertake materials reviews – for example, the effect of various admixtures on the concrete mix - to help create a perfectly tailored concrete mix.

We work alongside specialist flooring applications companies on site, providing training to help ensure excellent results.  This is particularly useful if teams are less experienced in working to tight tolerances.

We oversee quality management on site, so that consistent processes will produce consistent results.

We also advise on equipment, so that contractors can understand how this affects the pour and finishing, and can choose the best equipment to achieve the desired results.

By working closely with contractors on site, we help them delight clients and develop their skills.

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