Testing and Reporting

We test industrial floors to verify their conformance to standards.

Testing occurs before and after the creation of an industrial floor.  In our testing facilities we can run tests on concrete strength and mix design.  We also use on-site testing methods for concrete control, using the innovative technology Dramix EyeD.

Testing & Reporting - What we do

  • Floor flatness testing
  • Testing for abrasion resistance
  • Sub-base testing
  • Conductivity testing
  • Concrete mix testing
  • Specialist laboratory testing

Once a floor has been created, our specialist engineers undertake a suite of tests to verify flatness and abrasion resistance. 

We test to the recognised international standards for random traffic or VNA, including TR34 4th edition, DIN, EN, and ASTM FF/FM standards. 

We have developed our own equipment and software (FloorPro®) which measures across different standards for maximum accuracy and reliability – giving clients peace of mind.

We can also undertake specialist conductivity testing on a concrete resin sub-base.

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