"The weakest point of any floor is the joints, particularly construction joints, where you take two parts together and over time, with the passing of truck wheels, those joints break down very very quickly. So, the way to overcome that is to put in place an armored joint system"

Andrew keen, The Voice of Expertise


- The functions of joints - Best practises

Types of  joints

Isolation - Construction - Expansion - Contraction


- Engineered armoured joints

Construction methods

Load transfer

Arris protection


- Joints repairs

Diagnosis of joints problems

Solutions (preventive maintenance - Signature AR - Stabilisation)


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How possibilities are unlimited with admixtures for highly workable yet cohesive concrete?

Why a very low w/c ratio is not a good idea for floor concrete?

Have you ever viewed flooring concrete as a concrete practitioner and a concrete technologist?

Like workability, does w/c ratio also change with time?

Did you know that in RCC floors, a steel mesh at top and the one at bottom play entirely different roles?

Are you still specifying cementitious hardeners only as dosage in kg/m2?


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The world of logistics is changing with the development of e-commerce. The current global pandemic situation (COVID19 ) has further accentuated the development and need for this type of distribution, becoming a fundamental necessity.

The construction world must act quickly and must respond to all the requirements of this new mutation in the logistics world.

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This course is aimed at engineers, flooring and paving professionals, operators, builders, developers and owners.