A symbolic milestone has been reached with the creation of a representation of the RCR group in the United States through its Services division.
RCR Flooring Services LLC will be based on the East Coast and headed by Richard Stout, an engineer with over twenty years of experience with several companies specializing in industrial flooring engineering.

Andrew Keen, Group Vice President Services RCR explains:
“We wanted to have a presence in the United States to support our European customers. They are used to working with our teams of Monofloor engineers and technicians for the conception, design and supervision of the execution of their industrial floors.
On the other hand, we have felt a strong technological demand for automated distribution centers. The solutions developed in Europe by Floor Dynamics have no equivalent across the Atlantic. Digital mapping market is booming and we couldn't pass up this opportunity to follow the giants of e-commerce and warehouse automation.”

Rick Stout, COO of RCR Services USA comments: “I am very excited to join the RCR group. With my knowledge of the American market, specific approaches and national standards, sometimes specific to each state, I can support RCR services and technologies so that they integrate with American constructive methods. In addition, I am convinced that the competitive advantage developed by Floor Dynamics in the control of surface regularity will meet with great success with the main players in the logistics sector. There is a lot to do and share between the different members of RCR Services and I am already involved in projects in Mexico. My passion for industrial floors is stronger than ever."

Emilio Esteban, CEO of RCR confirms: “After Latin America and Africa, the United States represents a new frontier that we cross with confidence and a lot of ambition. We have a lot of respect for this country which has done a lot for the development of our profession and we also go there to learn and share our knowledge."

For this session, we will talk about how optimising structural design using soil improvement for buildings. Two guest speakers are invited for this occasion: Eric Laveder, chief of design at Monofloor & Jérôme Racinais, director of design for Menard. Join us on September 30th at 2PM (CET).

"The weakest point of any floor is the joints, particularly construction joints, where you take two parts together and over time, with the passing of truck wheels, those joints break down very very quickly. So, the way to overcome that is to put in place an armored joint system"

Andrew keen, The Voice of Expertise


- The functions of joints - Best practises

Types of  joints

Isolation - Construction - Expansion - Contraction


- Engineered armoured joints

Construction methods

Load transfer

Arris protection


- Joints repairs

Diagnosis of joints problems

Solutions (preventive maintenance - Signature AR - Stabilisation)


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How possibilities are unlimited with admixtures for highly workable yet cohesive concrete?

Why a very low w/c ratio is not a good idea for floor concrete?

Have you ever viewed flooring concrete as a concrete practitioner and a concrete technologist?

Like workability, does w/c ratio also change with time?

Did you know that in RCC floors, a steel mesh at top and the one at bottom play entirely different roles?

Are you still specifying cementitious hardeners only as dosage in kg/m2?


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The world of logistics is changing with the development of e-commerce. The current global pandemic situation (COVID19 ) has further accentuated the development and need for this type of distribution, becoming a fundamental necessity.

The construction world must act quickly and must respond to all the requirements of this new mutation in the logistics world.

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Next Thursday May 14th at 10am CDMX-Panama-Bogota (5pm Madrid)

This course is aimed at engineers, flooring and paving professionals, operators, builders, developers and owners.

Monofloor is attending the Webinar “Design & Performance of Industrial Concrete Floors” organised by Concrete Engineering Professionals Initiative, that will be hold next Friday 1st May.


This webinar will be focused on the Indian Guidelines & Practices (Do’s & Dont’s) and our colleague S. Ramakrishnan will be sharing knowledge and experiences with other professionals from Bekaert, Yugal Floors and HCCB.

Don’t miss the webinar if these are some of your questions: 

  • Traditional vs Right Design Approach?
  • Soil Support System? Material & Testing? 
  • Concrete: Special Mix Design? Reinforcement: Mesh/Steel/Polymer Fibers
  • Structural Design: Loads? Elastic Or Inelastic Analysis?
  • How To Detail Your Floor? 
  • Zero-Zero Floor: Reality Or a Myth: Flatness/Levelness? 
  • Performance Parameters & Quality Control. 
  • Are there relevant Indian guidelines that talk about this?

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Monofloor UK has achieved registration to the latest occupational health & safety standard, ISO 45001:2018, following a successful audit by BSI. 

Monofloor previously held OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation for health & safety management, since January 2018.  ISO 45001 standard has the same core aim of reducing unacceptable risks and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in an organization’s activities – however, the scope of the new standard is broader.  It requires companies to also consider how suppliers and contractors manage risk, and to integrate health and safety management with their other management systems.

Monofloor UK has held ISO 9001 quality management registration for eleven years, and in 2017 updated its registration to the latest standard.  At the same time, it also achieved registration to ISO 14001:2015 environmental management.  Attaining ISO 45001 now positions the company as a triple-accredited organisation, operating to three highly-respected world-class management standards.

The project to achieve Monofloor’s triple registration was co-ordinated by Laurance Williams, Project Manager at RCR, Monofloor’s parent group.  “ISO 45001 puts health and safety at the heart of a business’s operations,” he commented.  “We have worked hard to ensure that all RCR’s operations in the UK are aligned to the latest international ISO standards. This success will help to set the highest standards of service performance, not just in the UK but also across the whole of the RCR Flooring Services division.” 

Monofloor, como grupo líder internacional en consultores de pavimentos industriales, acude este año a la feria Logistics & Distribution 2019.

Esta feria reúne a los principales actores del sector logístico y de la industria de la distribución, presentando las soluciones más innovadoras y las tendencias de la logística moderna. En este ámbito, Monofloor da un valor extra, y cada vez más necesario, al proceso de diseño y control de ejecución de los distintos pavimentos.

Nuevos conceptos, diseños y cálculos, que permiten mejorar y personalizar la solución del pavimento que cada cliente necesita. Supervisamos tu proyecto, desde su concepción hasta su ejecución y posterior seguimiento en el tiempo, para que tu pavimento se ajuste a los requerimientos que se necesite en cada caso particular.

Monofloor también ofrece sus conocimientos y experiencia de más de 25 años, para investigaciones de patologías de pavimentos existentes, tanto para el estudio de sus causas como las diferentes propuestas de reparación que pueden dar una segunda vida al pavimento.

Por tanto, Monofloor es la consultoría que te acompañará durante todo el ciclo de vida del pavimento, y te asesorará en la fase que necesites.

Thursday, 28 February 2019 15:47

MONOFLOOR is exhibiting in Paris

For the third consecutive year, MONOFLOOR is exhibiting from March 26th to March 28th, 2019 at the SITL. This Transport & Logistics exhibition, specialized in supply chain and supply chain solutions for industry and retail, is expecting over 30 000 visitors for this new edition.

We will be sharing the stand with PERMANEO, the company of the RCR Industrial Flooring Group specializes in diagnostics, counselling, maintenance, repair and renovation for concrete floors.

Indeed, both entities from the Group are very complementary and work closely together on technical issues.

The stand will introduce all the services with samples showing what damages the floors can suffer from and the solutions we are offering, particularly the PERMABAN Signature AR system for joints repair and the RCR DRT system, for Diamond Rotary Technology.


Let us meet at the M68 stand at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles !

Monofloor was pleased to be represented at the 2018 World of Concrete exhibition in Las Vegas, the largest annual event dedicated to the concrete industry.

The five-day event, which took place from 22-26 January 2018, attracted concrete and masonry professionals from around the world.  The event provided a mix of educational seminars, plus the opportunity to browse five huge exhibition areas to explore new products, services and machinery.

Monofloor Directors Agustín Escamez and Tom Hancock were present, sharing a booth with Bekaert, a leading international manufacturer of steel fibres for use in the construction of concrete floors. 

As always, the exhibition enabled new business relationships to be forged, and a renewal of long-standing acquaintances.

Pictured left to right on the exhibition booth:  Lee Brockway (Sales Director, RCR Flooring Products); Agustín Escamez (Technical Director, Monofloor) and Tom Hancock (Commercial Director, Monofloor).

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